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α-HT Substantially Reduces Fluid-Flow Resistance
Save Energy by 15-35%

As a result, compressor load is reduced with the increased efficiency on your air-conditioning heating and cooling cycle, refrigerator and freezer.

Unprecedented and Innovative!
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Recent News  February 16th and 17th, 2017, α-HT (alpha HT) was introduced at a Trade Show in Kawasaki, Japan

α-HT Installation

Installation of 4 units on the rooftop of a printing company



・JIS stands for Japan Industry Standard
・α-HT is not useable for Absorption and Tarbo type refrigeration systems
・One α-HT can be attached to office and factory sized air-conditioning
・Two α-HT is used when the pipe diameter is larger than 12.7mm or 15.88mm
・α-HT cannot be used for home size small air-conditioning system
・α-HT does not require adding additional refrigerant
・Testing is done under our instruction to ensure detailed data and accuracy

Features of α-HT

1.  Simple Installation
2.  No Need to Supply Power
3.  No Maintenance
4.  Safe and Durable
5.  Proven by Many Tests Done in Japan
6.  No Need to Change the Refrigerant
7.  Improves Efficiency of Air Conditionings, Refrigerators and Freezers

Test Results

Test Results

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Power Consumption Test

Follow up test 1 year after α-HT was installed at a machinery factory. The initial test was proven to save energy by 27%. A year later, a follow up test was conducted one year later. The area where the outdoor temperature were similar showed the same amount of saving as the previous year.

set up

Installation of α-HT

α-HT is attached to the high pressure liquid pipe of the outdoor unit. After installation, it takes 2 or 3 days for the air-conditioning to start saving energy. The α-HT unit will be filled with refrigerant after use.                                

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The Function of the Refrigerant Which Impacts Efficiency

alpha HT

Cooling refrigerant plays an important role carrying thermal energy between the outdoor and indoor units.

Through the phase‐change between liquid and gas, refrigerant carries thermal energy, the system’s efficiency largely depends upon how well the cooling refrigerant’s liquefaction (condensation) and vaporization (evaporation) process is taking place in carrying heat energy. Due to the temperature of the environment, usage and the air conditioning system’s operating conditions, there are many cases there are many cases where cooling agent is not completely liquefied.

Incomplete liquefaction of cooling refrigerant causes insufficient heat transfer during evaporation. As a result, an inefficient operation takes place, causing higher electrical bill.

Less Liquid Flow Resistance with α-HT

alpha HT

Refrigerant oil mixed with the refrigerant needs to circulate through the pipe and get back to the compressor. With the α-HT unit, refrigerant oil is mixed and blended with the refrigerant. This creates an ideal circulation within the piping system and compressor, The load of the compresor is improved and energy is saved.

Without the Benefits of α-HT

alpha HT

During the hot season,when the AC is running close to its maximum capacity, the liquefaction is slowed down and water is sprinkled manually to help the AC cool down. α-HT has a similar effect but it becomes unnecessary to manually sprinkle water.

After α-HT is Installed

alpha HT

The air-conditioning is able to run with less load to reach the set temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

α-HT works on brand new air-conditioning. Although the saving is not as high as the older models, the test shows energy saving results. We have also tested with the newest R32 refrigerant and the test showed energy saving results.
Since we simply attach α-HT to the liquid pipe and do not work on the AC itself, we do not consider this device as "remodeling" of the AC. We have measured the pressure losses of the fluid before and after entering the α-HT unit, but we did not see any visible pressure gain or loss. By mixing the refrigerant and the refrigerant oil, the condition of the refrigerant within the pipe improves. This keeps the AC in good condition.
Yes, α-HT works on refrigerators and freezers. Many units are operating and the same amount of saving can be expected. A frozen food factory installed α-HT on their freezer production line. The blow-out temperature improved by 3 degrees celcius, which meant that the production could be increased.
The same type of refrigerant (eg. R410a, etc.) which was used in the AC should be used. There is no need for replaceement. Only when the AC is very old and low on the amount of refrigerant, replacement should be considered. Additionally, do not replace the refrigerant with natural refrigerant as it will damage the AC.
Normally when the AC is turned on, it will take 2 or 3 days for the refrigerant to mix and start saving energy. The AC needs time for the refrigerant to mix and circulate before the AC starts running efficiently. You will be able to enjoy more savings during the hot or the cold seasons.
We have two types of α-HT. Our current model is ideal for an AC which can cool/heat about 100 square meter room (or 1,076 square feet) and above. Check the liquid pipe diameter of your AC to determine what the diameter is. We currenty sell α-HT suitable for 12.7 mm pipe and 15.88 mm pipes. When the pipe is larger, we attach 2 units to the pipe. Please consult us for details. AC size which is used in households are too small for our device.
We have a one year gurantee. Every product is tested to withstand a pressure of 11 MPa, so we are confident that the device will endure. There is no maintenance needed. We are covered by a product liability insurance which is covered for sales outside Japan.
Refrigerant has to liquefy in order to evaporate. However when the AC is close to capacity, it is not able to liquefy the refrigerant. If the refrigerant is not liquefied fully, air cannot be cooled because there is not enough fluid refrigerant to evaporate. α-HT will help your AC liquify the refrigerant just by attaching it to the pipe. The α-HT unit will keep your AC in good condition and the load is decreased.
Over 80% of the test shows energy saving results. However, there are cases where the non-inverter type AC was running at a certain load before and after the installation. After installation, the blow-out temperature improved but energy consumption did not change. There are cases where the AC was too small and was still running at full capacity mode after the installation. The AC was never able to reach the set temperature even after the installation so the energy consumption was not seen.
Our product works better with inverter type ACs. Because the AC runs more efficiently with α-HT, the set temperature is reached sooner. The AC needs less electricity to reach the target temperature. Any AC will reduce efficiency every year due to aging. If the AC is old, the AC will need more power to reach the target temperature. α-HT helps improve the overall condition of the AC, thus keeping the AC from aging.


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We are no longer fighting to lower the room temperature (Listed Company)

Management told us that we had to work at 28 degrees celcius to save energy, but for us, 28 degrees was too hot. They even covered all the temperature setting panels but somebody always broke the cover and lowered the temperature. After installing α-HT, the company was able to save energy and they also agreed to lower the room temperature setting. Now we have a better environment! You are our life saver.

We were skeptical in the beginning

We were skeptical but we agreed to do the test. The test results showed a 30% decrease in energy consumption and the blow-out temperature improved as well. Since we had to find a way to lower the CO2 emission, any device which can lower our energy consumption by this amount is a blessing.

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